Origin Materials is a chemical research and development company that develops intellectual property and technologies to convert waste materials like old corrugated cardboard and paper sludge into higher-value chemicals, including plastics.

Their teams of scientific experts have devised an efficient method of processing a variety of non-food carbohydrate feedstocks into chemicals such as para-xylene that can be used to create bio-based plastic bottles for soft drinks and water.

Origin Materials challenges the conventional processes taken to create PET plastics from petroleum, as their high-purity method does not produce meta-xylene or ortho-xylene, thus removing the need for conventional purification. Importantly, Origin Materials has developed a system that is more efficient than the conventional methods of producing para-xylene.

Origin Materials is scaling its proven process, increasing its capacity beyond its 1 ton per day pilot facility to a fully operational commercial plant. Based on rigorous modeling, their product will be a cost-competitive, possibly even advantageous alternative to petroleum-derived para-xylene.

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Develop processes that convert cellulose into high-quality chemicals and plastics






Environmentally responsible production of bio-derived plastics


Chemical processing and manufacturing

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