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Meet ‘Armourguard’, our youngest and cutest team member.

West Coast Wildlife Centre named the chick as a token of appreciation for our sponsorship support.

The wildlife centre, at Franz Josef, has an ‘Operation Nest Egg’ partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC) for the two most endangered kiwi species; the Haast tokoeka and the rowi

Operation Nest Egg’s purpose is to grow kiwi to 1 kg in weight, which is the size that they can defend themselves against their number one predator – the stoat.  Getting to this body weight takes between six and eight months. 

Kiwi eggs are brought to the wildlife centre by DOC, whose rangers monitor the birds in the wild and collect newly-laid eggs.  The centre then incubates the eggs, hatches the chicks and rears them indoors to four weeks of age.

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Welcome to Evergreen Capital, L.P.

Welcome to Evergreen Capital, L.P., a New York based investment firm which manages funds on behalf of the Wolfe Family Trusts. Evergreen has over three decades of financial, operational and investment experience.

Evergreen’s leadership and management teams specialize in the acquisition, repositioning and reinvestment in established brands, franchises, and assets around the world. Evergreen’s diversified interests and portfolio companies employ over 5,000 people and operate in a broad set of industries; including:

- System Design, Installation and Service of Fire Safety Systems & Products
- Security & Access Control Systems, Installation & Monitoring
- Guarding, Patrols, Cash Processing & Cash in Transit
- Steel Fasteners & Engineered Products
- Chemicals & Plastics
- Real Estate
- Satellite Data Systems Management
- Telecommunications

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